Hands-On Phishing Training Signups

We will be holding hands-on sessions on how to identify phishing emails. This lab will include 8-12 actual phishing email messages that we've encountered on campus.  Participants will get to experience hands-on the techniques necessary to identify an attack and protect themselves. 

Coffee tea, and breads provided.  Signup below!  Alternatively, an online edition of the class is available.  Also, visit our Phish Pond to see samples of real phishing attacks reported on campus.

Note: you must be logged-in to your Gmail/Google Apps in order to sign-up below.

Also, if you are logged into multiple gmail accounts, the signup sheets may say "Permission Denied". Logout of your non-HC google account and come back.

We have no sessions scheduled at this time.  Contact 508-793-3073 if you're interested and we may be able to schedule a new session.  Otherwise, please watch the online version of the session here.